Problem Gambling in Wales

Each year, the UK gambling commission conducts a survey on gambling behaviour and problem gambling in England, Scotland and Wales. In the research study done by NatCent Social Research based on that data and published in 2017, problem gambling is defined as “gambling to a degree that compromises, disrupts or damages family, personal or recreational pursuits.”

If you are thinking “I play lottery every week, am I at risk of developing problem gambling?”, know that although lottery involves risk of developing addiction, it is not as risky as other gambling games, such as slots, poker and sports betting. If you only play National Lottery once or twice a week, you are not considered as being at risk. Did you know that now you can play the lottery on your phone? The iLottery bonus code offers free bonus for new players.

The data show that problem gambling in Wales is less prominent than in Scotland, and almost equally prominent as in England. Wales had 55% of people gambling in 2016 (a 6% decline compared to 2015), 15% of which only played lottery. 3.3% of people were identified as being at risk of developing problem gambling and 0.8% were diagnosed with a gambling problem. Problem gambling in Wales seems to be in decline.


In comparison, 56% of people gambled in England in 2016, 3.6% of people were at risk of developing problem gambling and 0.7% were identified as problem gamblers. Scots exhibit the riskiest gambling behaviour, with 66% of people who gambled in 2016, 1% identified as problem gamblers and 3.6% identified as being at risk.


The NatCent research proposes that gambling should be considered a public health issue, in the age when gambling opportunities are ubiquitous, and people increasingly engage in online gambling via their mobile phones. Another research published by the University of South Wales supports this conclusion, warning that people are exposed to higher risk of developing a gambling problem than ever before, and that in addition to online and phone gambling, the use of Fixed Odd Betting Terminals (FOBTs) further exacerbates the situation. These are very easy to access, and are usually located in the lower income neighbourhoods, targeting people who might see gambling as a way of dealing with their financial issues, a red flag for problem gambling.

How to notice the signs of problem gambling?


  •         You are spending too much time gambling or thinking about gambling.
  •         You lost a lot of money gambling.
  •         You gambled with someone else’s money without their permission.
  •         You are neglecting other responsibilities, such as work or social calls.
  •         Your family and friends are warning you about your gambling.
  •         You tried quitting but you couldn’t go through with it.


If the answer to any of the above questions is YES you are at high risk of developing problem gambling. Don’t worry, you are not alone. There are many support groups offering counselling and therapy programmes to help you triumph over your gambling problem.

Best Welsh casinos in the backyard of Pontypridd

We have all watched films about Las Vegas and the mesmerizing casinos, but if you have ever wondered what the best casinos in Wales may be, we have done some research for you. Of course, if you are more of an indoor person, you can try your luck with some free spins at Top Thunderkick Slots, but we would still like you to see what we have prepared for you. We’ll start off with those closest to Pontypridd.

Les Croupiers Casino

Only about a 20-minute ride away from Ponty, Les Croupiers Casino offers a wide variety of games, including Poker, Blackjack, Jackpot machines, Roulette, Craps, and Punto Banco. The Croups, as the locals prefer to call it, boasts one of the biggest Poker Rooms in the UK with 20 tables for all the different kinds of Poker. For those who are into technology, Electronic Roulette combines a roulette table that spins digitally and a live dealer. While playing any of the thrilling games, you can enjoy complimentary drinks or snacks, such as deep-fried prawns, chicken wings or stuffed baguettes, but if you feel like having a hearty meal, you can find authentic Chinese cuisine on the upper level of the casino. There is also a sports bar, quite famous for Cardiff City fans, where you can watch Sky Sports and BT Sports TV channels. The Croups opens every day at 2 pm and closes at 6 am Wednesday through Saturday and 7 am Sunday through Tuesday.

Rainbow Casino Cardiff

Rainbow Casino is located in the city center of Cardiff and is open 24/7. Apart from enjoying the traditional live and modern electronic games, Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Three Card Poker, or Punto Banco, Rainbow Casino Cardiff offers various special packages for those who wish to have a birthday party or celebrate a special occasion in an exciting environment with their own VIP area. There is also a restaurant with delicious yet reasonable dishes and Late bar where you can sample excellent cocktails and enjoy refreshing beverages while watching live sports.

Grosvenor G Casino Cardiff

Going further to the coast, we arrive at Grosvenor G Casino Cardiff, situated in the heart of Cardiff Bay. Though a relatively small casino, Grosvenor G Casino is a great place to chance your luck at five game tables or with Cleopatra and Lucky Lady’s Charm, the popular slot machines. You can have a meal at the fantastic restaurant, enjoy a drink or two at the bar, or sprawl at the sports and entertainment lounge. The versatile casino is also known as a venue for fashion shows and beauty pageants. Customers can enjoy live games from 2 pm to 7 am on weekdays and 12 pm to 7 am on weekends, while slots and electronic roulette are available 24/7.


Another great place to check if Lady Luck is smiling at you is definitely Cashino. At Cashino, you have a chance to play an array of first-rate slot machines round the clock Thursday through Saturday and from 9 am to 9 pm Sunday through Wednesday. You will enjoy complimentary refreshments, and if you are new to casinos, lovely and well-trained staff will be more than happy to get you started. Moreover, you can take part in amusing competitions and win birthday shout-outs on Jackpot FM. No wonder that Cashino venues have been sprouting up all across the UK.